Gods of Sirithorn

As a note:

Yes they are the 12 (13) Olympic gods (There is some doubt about Hades according to the internet). I find them to be much more interesting than the dnd standard pantheon. Plus we all know a little bit about each OOC so feel free to include that in your understanding of each. I’ve included a brief description about each and will soon try and fill out more information in each on the wiki.

All gods in Sirithorn are worshiped by everyone, though a lot of times one god is worshiped over another in a particular society. This can be for a variety of reasons as you will find out.

The gods have not walked amongst men for quite some time; in fact the last time any NEW stories about the gods surfaced was when the land of Sirithorn rose from the waters. This was (possibly) their last great act for all before disappearing.

Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and Beauty
Apollo – God of Prophecy, Heling, and the Sun
Ares – God of Savage Warfare
Artemis – Goddess of Wildlife and the Wilderness
Athena – Goddess of Wisdom and Wilderness
Demeter – Goddess of Agriculture
Dionysus – God of Wine and Madness
Hades – God of Wealth and the Dead
Hephaestus – Goddess of Magic and Ghosts
Hera – Goddess of marriage and Vengeance
Hermes – God of Travel, Commerce, and Thievery
Poseidon – God of the Sea
Zeus – God of the Sky

Gods of Sirithorn

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