Hello Adventurer, below you will find the rules of play and conduct as well as important links.

Obsidian Portal: World Wiki and Adventure Log
Roll20: Combat and map tracker
Myth-Weavers: Character Sheet tracker
Reddit: Posts
DnD5e Basic Rules: Basic rules for play
Homebrew Rules: Special versions of rules used for this campaign

1. Periodically check here for new rules / rule updates. (I will try to highlight the updates).
2. If you are unsure, ask before you post in the story thread.
3. Please be kind to spelling mistakes and grammar issues, do your best. Mistakes in character speech will be assumed on purpose. (So make sure you are definitely doing something, not defiantly :)).
4. We will be using Basic 5e Rules as outlined in the Basic Rules text and the 5e Player handbook. There should be no discrepancy between the two.
5. Please do not create new threads.
6. Please only reply to the original thread, unless prompted by the dungeon master. This makes it easier to read – replies to individual posts might not be read.
7. You are expected to stay in character in the story thread, please make sure your character is something you will enjoy playing.
8. You are expected to keep track of your own character sheets. This includes inventory, spell components, encumbrance, etc. See home brew rules for encumbrance and spell components. You can keep a character sheet outside of mythweavers, but please update your mythweavers fairly regularly.
9. Please try to post once or twice a day. If for some reason you for see not being able to post for a while please let me know.
10. Combat: When the dungeon master calls for initiative rolls, reply to the comment with just your initiative roll. If you roll a critical hit, reply to the roll’s post with a second damage roll. You may respond in any order, regardless of initiative, but your actions will be resolved in initiative order. Enemy’s initiatives will be included . Please include what damage type your attack is (bludgeoning, slashing, fire, acid, etc). NPC’s will use the same initiative
11. Please don’t meta-game.
12. Please follow posting formatting rules. Any speech is bold; action descriptions are italicized. Before out of character speech type: OOC.
13. Please check the Homebrew Rules page for variants of rules on Inventory, Encumbrance, Magic Identification, Coup de Grace, Training.

1. Your actions can AND will change the world. Similarly, I will try to weave your backstories into the story; embellish as much as you’d like.
2. As time permits, I will make / upload images to improve the experience. Similarly, you are welcome to also create images to help tell your story.
3. The world is magically dangerous. I urge you to be ready for anything. Though it is not my intention or goal, your character may die.
4. Change reddit sorted to new. Edit reddit flair to include your Character Name
5. XP will be awarded at each long rest. Similarly you will not level up until you have a long rest. Because of the nature of PbP will take so long, each combat will award extra XP compared to the standard rules. If there is a disparity in the level difference of characters, the lowest level character will earn extra xp for each encounter until they reach the highest players level.
6. Inspiration will be awarded from exceptional role play. (I haven’t really figured out how I want to play this yet).
7. As a DM, I may reply to comments if appropriate. Usually to resolve checks or ask for clarification.
8. Rolling will be done through a Reddit dice bot. To roll please include /u/rollme at the end of your post to make it.
9. We are keeping track of spell components; to make this simpler a magic user / component user must buy a component pouch which will have common components (those that don’t have values associated). The pouch has enough components for 100 uses. If the spell calls for an item with a specific gold value, you will need that. Note that some spells require you to have things, but doesn’t use the item up to cast the spell. (Identify requires a pearl worth at least 100gp, but doesn’t use up that item).


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