The Land of Sirithorn

The Realm of Sirithorn consists of eight distinct regions. Named and governed by the major cities in these areas. Andrit, Arder, Duatium, Eraen, Glavia, Milic, Pontow, Ylan. There are two moons which travel over head, Koomkia and Tragedi. There also exists one sun Saturos. The realm at one time may have used these two moons to tell time but that has long since fallen out of favor as they adopted a more stable calendar. The moon phases are still important however and often mark a major holiday or the harvest seasons. The ground is covered in vast planes, large forests, and massive mountain ranges, and few lakes, and many rivers. Snow rarely falls except high upon the mountains.

Founding History

Four thousand years ago, the Land of Sirthorn appeared out of the sea. Prayers answered from the gods of old; although in usual god fashion, it wasn’t what people expected. Many traveled to the new land in hopes of a brighter tomorrow, escaping squalor, over population, lack of food, and horrible living conditions from Anthus. Those who could afford it, bought, borrowed, or stole a boat and made way to south to Sirithorn; Elves, Humans, Halflings, Drow, Tiefling, Dwarves, and Orcs. The journey was long and tiresome, many perished before cities were established.

Over the next few thousand of years, Sirithorn was explored to the edges. Kingdoms came and went, wars were fought, won and lost. This left parts of the country war torn, cut off, lost to time. Other parts of Sirithorn were never discovered, no one dare adventure to the tops of the highest mountains, the darkest caves, or the thickest forests; danger lurks around every corner.

The Land of Sirithorn

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